Easily develop experiences that activate and engage your users

Switchboard is a set of APIs and SDKs that help developers create tailored product onboarding, feature discovery, and announcement experiences — all while enabling the entire team with visibility and control to orchestrate who should see what, when.

Built for the modern product & growth teams

Flexible building blocks to design flow logic

Visual flow builder

Enable the entire team to visually design the underlying logic and content of your activation and engagement flows

Out of the box building blocks

Design personalized experiences you want for your users

User & org attributes
Behaviors & events
Logic & branching
Experience state & content

APIs and SDKs that simplify development

Wire up the blocks of the flow using our APIs and SDKs

Developer-friendly React and JS SDKs for accessing and manipulating user flow states

No more hardcoding conditional logic to define who should see what

Save time. Speed up iteration. Experiment more.

Switchboard powers your UI components

If you can design it, we can power it

Banners, modals, tooltips, checklists, cards, empty states, and best of all, components unique to your product. Switchboard can power it all.

Use your design system

No futzing with visual styling UIs, separate CSS definitions, or a limited set of visual modalities.

Empower Product, Design, and GTM

Make changes without a code push

Empower the team to define targeting, experience logic, and content on their own.

Stop spamming users. Start driving sustainable growth.

Powerful self-serve orchestration controls to ensure the right user gets the right experience.

Stop guessing

Get visibility into users and their flows to understand what’s working and what to do next.

Drives your most important product growth usecases

Tailored onboarding

Get new users to reach their “aha moment” quickly, driving better activation

Feature discovery and awareness

Help users discover new features and make them aware of betters ways of accomplishing their tasks, driving deeper engagement

Announcements, upsells, and cross-sells

Keep users from feeling stuck by showing them relevant paid features and products only when they need them, driving revenue